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WAVE Home Solutions focuses on the smartest, safest ways to keep water and air clean in your home. The company was inspired by a clear need to revitalize home product options in the United States– when our founder began to sell his revolutionary ventilation system and gauge interest, he realized that the majority of homeowners were unhappy with their current solutions. So with rigorous standards, product testing, and ongoing research, our company is determined to share the latest and the best technologies with homeowners around the world. Your home is our specialty, and we’ve got your water, air, ventilation, and environment needs covered.


We offer only the most unique and revolutionary products to our customers because we believe in the power of big-picture thinking. For example, dehumidifiers take a lot of time and energy to run, and they don’t remove the damp smell from your home. Instead of that, we offer cutting-edge WAVE ventilation units that consistently work at refreshing and renewing the air in your basement or crawlspace– and you have to devote very little time (and money) to maintenance.

WAVE is also all about the trustworthiness of our products, and we know that smart users want proof before they buy. That’s why we share independent lab tests for products, such as the Quadmaxx and Dualplexx water filtration systems, to prove by the numbers that they’re the best options available.

At WAVE Home Solutions we not only introduce you to the products you need, but we want to be your one-stop source for home safety education. That’s why we constantly share the latest information and news stories about water and air technology, and back up every one of our choices with detailed explanations of why they work. We’re more than just a place to build and sell products– we’re a comprehensive solution to household issues.


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