Water is one of the basic necessities of human life. Unfortunately, many people have limited or no access to clean water. It seems as though every year there is another water crisis, and it can be hard to figure out good solutions. However, I have taken the time to compile a list of 5 great charities that are aiming to fix the world’s water. Each has a different mission, but each is providing substantial service to those without clean water.

Billion Bottle Project

The Billion Bottle Project is a group of researchers looking for a way to use solar energy to disinfect water. This may seem silly, but it is shown to work time and time again. Donations to this project will go to researchers who are working to develop a tool called the OSPRI. With the OSPRI, solar cleansing can be a widespread reality. On their site, they compare the current limitations of solar purification (such as thickness of the bottle used and cloudiness of the water) to the limitations of the OSPRI, which are none. The OSPRI takes a huge problem and completely eliminates this. If the Billion Bottle Project is able to finish their research, the world’s water will become significantly cleaner.

Charity: Water

Charity: Water works in many impoverished countries in Africa, South/Central America, and Asia to bring water to communities with very limited access. In many of these countries, finding water and transporting it from its source is a time-consuming issue. Furthermore, these are usually places where the water quality is poor. Charity: Water builds and maintains wells in these communities to ensure that people have easy access to clean water. Donations to this charity will go toward a planned well project.

The Water Project

Africa is possibly the top continent with the least access to clean water. Families often send one or two people to the closest source to fetch water, which can take hours away that could be used for education or other purposes. The Water Project addresses this issue by working on projects in these communities. Like Charity: Water, they do drill wells, but they also work on many other projects. They build sand dams, catch rainwater, support hygiene and sanitation, and protect and utilize natural springs. The best part about this charity is they actually listen to the needs of each community to determine which project(s) will be most beneficial.


Miya is a unique charity that focuses not on purifying water or bringing it to poor communities, but rather, on reducing the amount of wasted water. According to Miya, many municipalities’ water systems are antiquated and no longer function effectively. Much of the water that goes through the system is lost due to leaky pipes and other problems. Miya is looking to update old systems in order to increase the amount of water that flows directly into our homes.

Water is Life

Water is Life is an organization that does a little of everything. They build wells, provide hygiene and sanitation classes, and distribute filtration straws to impoverished communities. One thing that sets WiL apart is their work with disaster areas. Not only do they provide their filtration straws to these areas, they also bring clean water to victims of emergencies, by partnering with larger organizations. Another aspect that sets them apart is the ability for anyone to volunteer. You can start a fundraising campaign through their field trip program, which will allow you and a team to travel to another country and provide services for them.

Many Americans take clean water for granted, but so much of the world lives without this basic necessity. If you donate to or volunteer with one of these organizations, you will be changing lives and bringing clean, easily accessible water to those who most need it.