Whether you have a well water system, spring water system, or city water, there are a number of issues that come with water quality from every source. Here are the most common water issues to be aware of.

Hardness: You will see mineral deposits on your dishes and glassware, your laundry might be stiff and dingy, your skin may be extra itchy, and your hair texture may seem to have changed. Also, it may be more difficult to clean soap from your bathtub/shower and scale may build up around faucets, tubs, sinks, and appliances.

Solution: Water softener and/or conditioner.

Chlorine, bad odor and taste: Your water tastes like chlorine, it smells bad, you notice damage to your hair, and your skin is itchy.

Solution: Whole house water filter that removes chlorine.

Iron and manganese: You notice unpleasant metallic taste in your water. Also, you notice rust particles, staining on pipes and plumbing fixtures, or your water is actually red and smells foul.

Solution: Iron filter system.

Turbidity: You notice your water is cloudy, there’s sediment, sand, or rust particles in the water.

Solution: Media filter.

Acidic water: Green stains show up on your bathroom sinks, more noticeable on porcelain surfaces, or blueish/greenish water.

Solution: Acid neutralizer using Calcite.

Tannin: You have brownish water, may look like tea, and musty odors.

Solution: Tannin filter.

Arsenic: No, no one is poisoning you, probably. Arsenic is naturally occurring that can be found in groundwater. There are no immediate symptoms of high arsenic concentration in water but it may cause health problems over time. It is wise to just test your water to make sure.

Solution: Arsenic reduction system.