Water is a global issue. It’s impossible to ignore the state the world is in and the urgency with which we should be treating this water crisis.

Well, the International Code Council (ICC) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) have teamed together to establish the 2015 WEP: Water Efficiency Provisions of the International Green Construction Code (IgCC).

What does this all mean?

This 2015 WEP has been one of the most complete and accessible initiatives of water conservation to help face challenges of water and drought in the United States. Included in this concise, understandable reference is indoor and outdoor best-practices for water efficiency and conservation, specifically:

  • mechanical systems
  • landscape irrigation
  • appliances
  • water efficient plumbing

In addition, inside this 2015 WEP code are resources outlining alternatives for water sources such as rainwater, reclaimed water, and graywater. Also, it encourages water conservation in public buildings and on building sites including various types of systems and parts. Anyone can access the 2015 WEP by purchasing it online or downloading the PDF.

According to Dominic Sims, CBO and Chief Executive Officer of the ICC, “The updated WEP provides the most contemporary requirements for designers, policy makers and the construction community who are looking for ways to deal with severe droughts and the need to better conserve one of life’s most precious resources – water. The WEP provides a concise and comprehensive resource to address the challenges associated with water scarcity.”

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