This video talks about how a water filter typically works and gives you an inside look as to what is inside the water filter and why you might have a filter that seems plugged up. Here are some of the talking points of the video:


  • Most filters have 3 stages of filtration in them: 2 physical (1st and 3rd stage) and 1 active carbon stage (2nd stage)
  • 1st stage is a crude sediment filter which is designed to keep large particles out of the rest of the filter
  • The 3rd stage is a pleaded accordion style filter that takes out the finer sized particles and is made similar to most air filters you would find in most automobiles
  • The 2nd active carbon stage does most of the work as the carbon absorbs many of the impurities and contaminations commonly found in water
  • This 2nd stage also have small styrofoam balls that have no real water filtering purpose but tend to make their way down from the 2nd to the 3rd filtering stage
  • It also explains why filters tend to get clogged up by looking at the 3rd stage pleaded filter which contains an inner layer that is non-porous and rather has little holes that have been plugged up by the little styrofoam balls from the 2nd stage