One of people’s biggest complaints with tap water, and the reason so many people still use plastic water bottles even though it’s a known fact that they’re bad for the environment, is the taste. Water that comes from a sink rather than a bottle tends to have a slightly earthy, metallic taste that comes from dissolved minerals in the sediment.

When the Average American throws away 185 pounds of plastic each year and we collectively throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles on a yearly basis, with the majority of plastic water bottles ending up in landfills or oceans where they take 500-1,000 years to decompose, we really cannot afford to continue using plastic water bottles at the rate we do. If you’re particular about the taste of your water, do not despair. It is not possible to simply stop drinking water, as it’s essential for our health and survival, It is possible to stop drinking water from disposable plastic bottles and still enjoy the taste. Here are some tips for how to make your tap water taste better, and also ensure that it’s safe to drink.

Boil it

Boiling water is a method to remove contaminants from water and make it safe for drinking, but it can also be a way to make it taste better if you’re patient enough to heat it up the water and then cool it down.

Flavor it

There are so many ways to add more flavor to your water. Just do a search for infused water recipes on Pinterest and you will come up with so many flavor combinations with fruit, vegetables, and herbs such as this one. You don’t have to get too fancy. Simply squeezing in some lemon or adding mint leaves can go a long way in improving the taste of water. You can also purchase water enhancers at the store that will take your water from bland to grand, making it taste more like juice.

Keep drinking it

If you’re averse to drinking water in general, you can train yourself to like it more by quitting sugary beverages cold turkey and only drinking water for awhile. You can also trick your brain into liking water by associating it with pleasant things and situations (for instance, drinking water when socializing with friends) in a psychological method known as Pavlovian conditioning. Also figure out how much water your body needs to stay healthy; the recommended amount for the average adult is eight glasses a day, but this number can vary based on your body mass and how active you are.

Install a filter

The absolute best solution to great-tasting water, and the only way to ensure that your tap water is completely safe for drinking is to install a water filter. A filter from WAVE Home Solutions purifies tap water and removes chemicals such as chlorine, parasites, THMs, VOCs, sediment, iron, lead, mercury, copper and arsenic. It also improves the taste and reduces odors.