Picture from pagedrinkingpaper.com

WATERisLIFE.com is a leading resource for new water technology, sanitation and hygiene, and clean water news and media. On the site’s “New Technology” page it states:

“WATERisLIFE is always researching new water delivery tools. Our goal is to understand, research, help develop, and ultimately deploy new technology that works.”

One such technology featured on this page is The Drinkable Book. In collaboration with Dr. Theresa Dankovich from Carnegie Mellon, this book provides safe water, sanitation, and hygiene information, as well as a resource for killing deadly waterborne diseases through its pages – literally.

Each page is a water filter of sorts, providing a person with up to one year’s worth of clean, drinking water and each filter can be used for at least a couple of weeks each. Through WATERisLIFE, funds are being raised to help produce The Drinking Book in addition to widely distributing the books once they are created.

Anyone can donate to the fund for Project Drinkable Book and other water-related projects at WATERisLIFE.com’s donation page.

While the patent is still pending on the paper, the benefits of this technology are huge. The way it all works is you rip out a thick page of the book, that is your filter. Next, you pour dirty water through the filter, which is embedded with silver nanoparticles that kill microbes.

During her PhD at McGill University, Theresa found that this paper was extremely antibacterial and the filters actually meet US EPA guidelines for bacteria removal in order to create safe and drinkable water.

So far, the filters have been tested successfully in Ghana, Haiti, and Kenya.