Have you ever gone to get a glass of water, only to see a yellowish liquid fill your cup? It’s happened to us all — we want crisp, clean water, but are left with something we aren’t sure we want to drink. The sad truth is, many people around the world are left without clean drinking water, which causes various illnesses, and even death. Luckily, there are quite a few products designed to improve water quality and hydration at home and across the globe.


An IndieGoGo success, Reefill is a network of water bottle refill stations that is making its way across New York City. By paying a mere $1.99 per month, subscribers get unlimited access to purified water at any Reefill location. The impact this product could have is huge: for less than the cost of two plastic water bottles, subscribers can stay hydrated around the City and reduce the amount of water bottles going into landfills. The coolest part is, if Reefill becomes popular enough, there is a chance that it could come to a city near you.


Imagine a water filter. You’re probably thinking of some complicated, bulky device. What if I told you there’s a filter that’s the size of a small straw? AdventureBand, which also includes a multitool, is an adjustable bracelet with a removable water filter for people on the go. Depending on the quality of the water, it can filter as much as 200L. Although AdventureBand is marketed toward outdoorsy people, it can also be a useful gadget for those in underdeveloped nations.


How many liters does the average person waste while waiting for the shower to warm up? It’s estimated to be between 3-4L each time, which can add up to hundreds of liters per person per year. WaterDrop takes the question, “What if we could save that water?” and offers an innovative solution. A WaterDrop bag, shaped like a tote, fits around your shower head and collects the cold water, which you can then use for any number of things. It even includes a spout that makes certain tasks easier, such as watering the garden. Never feel guilty about wasting water again when using this tool.


Water tests can be expensive and lose accuracy over time. WaterBot gives access to constant water quality information, by placing a small device in your water system. It connects wirelessly to your computer or smart device, giving you the ability to check your water quality any time, any day.


It wouldn’t be a great list unless I included a company whose mission is not sales, but charity. WaterSply is a company that sells water-themed bracelets and donates the proceeds to children without access to clean water. Each bracelet costs $10 and for each $100 made, WaterSply is able to dig a well that will provide clean water for a child’s entire life.

Water is a basic human necessity, and it is one way in which we can all band together. If you’re searching for a way to improve the global water crisis, look no further than these five companies.