A recent trend shows an influx of people moving to coastal cities, despite the increase in sea levels that are rising at a dangerous rate.

With this increase in coastal town populations along with rising sea levels, we are likely to see millions of Americans experiencing yearly flooding in their homes for decades to follow. Without efforts to move populations away from coasts and to higher ground, and with greenhouse gas pollution persisting and warming the planet, rising sea levels are not slowing and more Americans are at risk.

According to research, high tides may rise up to 3 feet by 2100. That translates to the homes of 4 million Americans being affected by flooding. At this time, Florida is one of the most high-risk states.

Jason Evans, landscape ecologist of Stetson University, stated, “Once you take into account growth of population, the numbers end up being two to three times more in terms of overall population that’s going to be impacted than if you just look at current populations.”

Other states will be affected by this crisis: California, New York, and Louisiana will most likely have to take in 1 million people each if their homes are compromised.

At this time, it seems as though developers will continue to build homes on coastal land and inhabitants will most likely remain where they are, even as flood levels rise. Coastal living is extremely coveted and most are reluctant to give it up. However, with this imminent threat to our coasts and coastal communities increasing, one can only hope that steps will be taken to prevent this potential catastrophe from ever happening.

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